Hall of Fame | Pillar of Support

The "Pillar of Support" campaign was initiated in May, 1993 to raise funds through membership solicitation. With a goal of $25,000 the campaign has raised $21,000 to date. Together with funds raised prior to the "Pillar" campaign, a total of $30,000 has been generated for construction and operation of the Hall of Fame facility.


If you would like to support the Hall of Fame you can make a donation here.


Once you open the link, please complete the following:
  1. Select make a one time gift (unless you want to make a recurring gift!)
  2. Under "Gift Designation" click the box "The fund I want to support isn't listed above."
  3. Under Allocation Fund type: "OATA Hall of Fame"
  4. Under amount, type in amount of your gift
  5. Proceed to follow instruction to complete your transaction, entering your name/address/credit card info, etc


Construction completed to date:

  • Phase I: Front wall (on which Hall of Fame plaques are mounted), temporary lighting, and temporary signage

  • Phase II: Soffits around the perimeter of the facility

  • Phase III: Oak surrounding the two support pillars, oak tile flooring, and oak wainscoat paneling.

To be completed:

  • Recognition of donors

  • Display cabinets

  • Permanent lighting and signage


Pillar of Support Club

Timothy Carr
Glade Pauley
Charles "Skip" Vosler
V. James Viola
Jeff Will
Greater Dayton Athletic Trainers' Association
Ohio Athletic Trainers' Association
Smith & Nephew/Donjoy

Hall of Fame Club

Gary Giffen
Brain Matix
James W. Moore III
Albert Rector
Kenneth Rusche
Larry Starr
Michael Willets

Executive Club

Greg Behrens
Kim Blackburn
Richard Crowther
Timothy Heckmann
Todd Keasling
Walter Koch
John Maletta
Dominic Paniccia
Steve Radcliffe
Dan Rasor
Jeff Schultz
David Shon
Paul Sparling
Bill Tessendorf
John Tinsman
Patricia Troesch
Rich and Elaine Walker

President's Club

Terri Angelo
H. Dale Arnold
George Christman
David Cookson
Marilyn Enzweiler
Shelle Heim
Russell Hoff
Diane Kearney
Edward Kwest
Bill Kulju
Gary Lake
Thomas Love
Jack McNeeley
Eric Moats
Paula Moore
Jeannie Muir
Leo Murphy
Tony Ortiz
Rob Recker
Gerald Rishel
Lynn Wallace
Donna Weeber
Jerry Whetstone
Stuart Wilson
Kenneth Wolfer